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Article Written By : Shannon from MMB


It's Time for the Perculator...Ellen is Spring Lake's Queen of Caffeine ☕️☕️☕️

Meet our next Monmouth Made Mama, Ellen Bodnovich, Founder of OceanBrew Coffee, Mom of 3 and true example of turning passion into reality. I've been following Ellen (socially) for about a year now and when a friend recommended her as a MMM, I had to learn more. Her story of pursuing her dreams in tribute to her late father was enough to choke me up before my morning coffee. Here's her beautiful story..

Ellen is MoCo born and raised and knew she wanted to contribute something communal to her home one day. Ellen actually ended up marrying her brother's best friend and had their daughter young, now 13. She became a SAHM and would ultimately bring two more cuties into the world (3) and (5). She focused on raising her children so college was not an option but she knew one day she would take her love for people and customer service and show her kids women can do anything. After moving to Chicago for her husband's job, she gained experience working in social media roles (we can tell she's done this before.)When the couple decided to move back east a few years back, Ellen made a bold ask to her husband— “Would you put your career on hold while I pursue my dream now?" Without hesitation, they started to look for space and landed on the cutest space in Spring Lake. Ellen brews with @turnstilecoffee after many a taste test to find the perfect flavor balance. Her team makes intoxicating concoctions using the best ingredients and most importantly serving - the best customer experience. She wants this shop to feel community-rooted, relaxed, welcoming, thoughtful - that's what her father taught her. A small business owner himself, Ellen saw how his customers leaned on him as more than an exterminator but more of a friend. He truly cared about each one of his customers. Ellen plans to pay tribute to her dad in this way for years to come and we are so excited to follow her journey. Please swing by this seaside haven - it will not disappoint.
2024 New Bedford Rd.
Spring Lake
Brewing 6-2 daily

Her MoCo Musts
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