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Hi, I'm Ellen

Growing up, my parents would tell me that I would talk to anyone! Now that I am older, I have embraced this passion for people as one of my unique gifts. I also describe myself as someone who beats to their own drum, and that sense of independence, along with my inquisitive nature, has served me so well!

Like many of us, I have seen many highs and lows in life, and it was during a particular low that I realized I needed to become the best version of me – for me, for my husband, and perhaps most of all, for my three children. At the time, I was living in Chicago as a stay-at-home mom, but I was craving more from life. I would tell my daughter of the importance of being able to stand on your own two feet, and it became time to take my own advice and practice what I was preaching.

A series of life-changing events, starting with the Covid pandemic and eventually leading us to move to New Jersey, ultimately helped me realize my dream of opening my own business. 

Owning a coffee shop was a perfect choice and Ocean Brew Coffee has been a dream come true! There was a lot to learn – and we were educated about the coffee business from the wonderful local roasters at Turnstile. Our shop was specifically chosen because it feels more like home, something that is so important to me. But it was the dream of creating a special customer experience, developing relationships where each customer becomes a friend, and building a community where we can make rippling changes in the world, these are the things I am most passionate about. All together, Ocean Brew Coffee was the perfect recipe for happiness.

Showing my children that I can do anything, and that they can do anything, is so most important to me. Being kind to others, giving, and making a difference will always be my top priority. 

I am looking forward to connecting with others in business, hearing their stories, and learning about their strengths and challenges. I am realizing that this is my purpose in life, bringing people together and creating opportunities for empowerment. 

What better way to do this, than over a cup of delicious coffee?

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